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Pests of homes, gardens, landscapes, and turf

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What to do if you have an ant emergency 1:08
Español: ¿Qué hago si las hormigas invaden mi hogar? 1:10
Why do ants invade? 1:11
Overview of ant management program 1:04
Ant inspection 2:14
Using baits 4:24
Refillable bait stations 4:39
Full video: Managing Argentine Ants Around the Home 19:49


Aphid-Eating Insects in Action 2:19
Washing off aphids 1:31

Asian citrus psyllid (and

Detecting Asian Citrus Psyllid 1:00

Bed bugs

How to inspect for bed bugs 2:20
How to use a bed bug detector 2:35
Don't bring bed bugs home when you travel! 2:39
Español: Cómo saber si tiene chinches de cama 2:30

Biological control

Biological Control in Gardens and Landscapes
(requires Flash player)

Brown marmorated
stink bug

Brown Marmorated and Consperse Stink Bug Identification and Comparison 2:59


How to Trap Earwigs 2:25


Setting a Macabee gopher trap 0:48
Trap placement for pocket gophers 1:24


Don't let mosquitoes breed in your yard2:03
Protect yourself from mosquito bites 1:38
Español: ¡Evite que los mosquitos se reproduzcan en su jardín! 2:12
Español: Protéjase de las picaduras de mosquitos 1:44


What's in that pesticide? 2:35
Landscape pesticides harm fish (requires Flash player) 2:28
Pesticide mitigation (requires Flash player) 5:24
Bifenthrin (requires Flash player) 3:00
Cyfluthrin (requires Flash player) 3:00
Imidacloprid (requires Flash player) 2:00

Snails and slugs

Trapping snails and slugs 1:20
How to apply snail and slug bait 1:24
Did a snail eat my plant? 1:30
Español: Cómo atrapar caracoles y babosas 1:19
Español: Cómo aplicar cebos contra caracoles y babosas 2:20
Español: ¿Se comió mi planta este caracol? 1:29


How to catch a spider 1:10
Common garden spiders 2:10
How to clean up spider webs 1:13
Español: Arañas communes en el jardín 2:20
Español: Cómo atrapar una araña 1:11


Weed control using landscape fabric mulch 0:47
How to remove dandelions 2:30


Distinguishing between yellowjackets, wasps, and look alikes 2:00
Finding and treating yellowjacket nests 2:07
How to reduce yellowjackets around your yard 1:42
Español: Cómo distinguir la avispa chaqueta amarilla de otras parecidas 2:18

Agricultural pests

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How to monitor for mites in peach and nectarine

Video 3:12

How to monitor for shoot strikes in peach and nectarine

Video 3:04

How to distinguish Phytophthora root and crown rot and bacterial canker

Video 2:46

How to monitor for aphids in plum and prune

Video 4:00
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