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Statewide IPM Program, University of California

Events and workshops

UC IPM provides opportunities for additional learning in the form of presentations, conferences, workshops and hands-on training. Additional educational materials, including videos, DVDs, books, and leaflets, are available in the Publications section. Check the Online training page for online interactive learning opportunities.

UC IPM staff member Jim Stapelton shows a group of Spanish-speaking vineyard workers how to use a dissecting microscope to identify a powdery mildew.

Pesticide safety training

Future pesticide safety trainings

If you are interested in attending a Train-the-Trainer workshop, a Train-the-Trainer refresher course or a Respirator Safety Training, please fill out this survey to help us plan future trainings.

Si usted está interesado en asistir a una capacitación de Entrenamiento-de-Entrenadores, Entrenamiento-de-Entrenadores de Repaso, o Seguridad del Respirador, favor de llenar esta encuesta para ayudarnos a planificar entrenamientos futuros.

IPM seminars

Herbicide Spraying Calibration Workshops

September 3rd and 10th, 2015
9/3/15 in Riverside; 9/10/15 in Irvine

Please forward this message to any person or crew leader who will be using herbicides to treat weeds this fall.

The University of California Cooperative Extension will be conducting two Herbicide Calibration Workshops, one in Riverside and one in Irvine, to improve management of weeds in wildlands, nature preserves, parks, riparian areas, roadsides and other semi-natural areas. See agenda (PDF).

We have applied for 4.5 hours of California DPR CE credits including 0.5 hours of laws and regulations.

The Riverside course will be held September 3rd (registration).

The Irvine course will be held September 10th (registration).

The courses are $30 each if you register before the 2nd of September (for Irvine workshop only) and $40 after. This price includes lunch!

The workshop will feature talks on herbicide safety and calibration basics and then hands-on demonstrations of calibration techniques in the field. Locations are on the agenda.

You are also encouraged to bring your own application equipment (triple rinsed, of course) and calibrate it in our demonstration area.

For more information contact Christopher McDonald.

DPR Training

See the California Department of Pesticide Regulation for: