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Common Trunk and Root Diseases and Symptoms

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  • Armillaria root rot
  • Avocado root rot
  • Bacterial canker
  • Black streak
  • Dothiorella canker
  • Phytophthora canker and collar rot
  • Sunblotch

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Armillaria root rot
Armillaria root rot
Identification tip: Commonly causes unhealthy looking foliage, leaf drop, dieback of upper limbs, and mushrooms growing near trunks.

Avocado root rot
Avocado root rot
Identification tip: Symptoms include unusually abundant small fruit, a sparse canopy of drooping older leaves, and new shoots of small pale leaves.
Bacterial canker
Bacterial canker
Identification tip: Typically causes liquid or pale dry ooze on bark.
Black streak
Black streak
Identification tip: Causes staining, powdery white exudate, and cankers on bark.
Dothiorella canker, Phtophthora canker, and collar rot
Dothiorella canker and Phytophthora canker and collar rot
Identification tip: Often cause very similar symptoms, including discolored or oozing bark, unhealthy foliage, and declining or dead limbs.
Cankered bark
Identification tip: Cankered bark has many causes, including abiotic disorders, pathogens, and vertebrates.

Identification tip: Symptoms include discolored indentations on fruit, rectangular bark cracking, and stunted tree growth.

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