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Degree-days: Beet Armyworm in Floriculture And Ornamental Nurseries

Use this program to run a model of beet armyworm in floriculture and ornamental nurseries, recommended by UC Cooperative Extension. In calculating degree-days, the program uses temperatures from the UC IPM weather database, a file you supply, or data you enter online.

Beet Armyworm in Floriculture And Ornamental Nurseries

  • Lower threshold: 54°F
  • Calculation/upper cutoff method: double sine/horizontal
  • Biofix: user specified.
  • Additional information on using this model: Pest Management Guideline

Specify source of temperature data

Select the source of temperatures to be used to calculate degree-days. You may also use your own maximum and minimum temperatures and look up approximate daily degree-day values in a reference degree-day table for beet armyworm, then total them yourself.

Select from stations in which California county?
Include active stations only
Set time period for running model
Biofix (start date):   Biofix (start date): user specified.
End date:
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