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How to Manage Pests

California Weather Database: Set Dates and Variables

Retrieve daily data for COW_MOUNTAIN-01.P (COW)

Network(s)/County: Lake County Pear and Grape /   Lake
Latitude/Longitude: 39 deg 08 min N / 123 deg 04 min W Elevation: 3550 ft
IPM records begin/end: March 8, 2000 /  December 20, 2012 Ground cover: Rock

1. Select a time period


2. Select daily data variables   Definitions   Measurement details

All Variables
Air Temperature 3, max/min
Air Temperature 3, average

Wind Sigma Theta
Temperature Threshold Hours

3. Select units and output file format

Output Units Output File Format


Formatted report (for viewing or printing)

Comma-delimited file (compressed format)

Comma-delimited file (fixed-field format)

Saving data files—As you view the data file, you can: Select "Save as" and "text" from your browser's top menu bar, or Copy and paste the data to a new document in a word processor and save it as text.

4.    Saving requests to use later

Measurement details about COW_MOUNTAIN-01.P variables

Air Temperature 3, max/min: 107 thermistor .
Air Temperature 3, average: 107 thermistor .
Precipitation: TE525-L25 tipping bucket rain guage on tower on mountain top.
Wind Sigma Theta: Calculated from 3001 RM Young Wind Sentry Anemometer and Vane on mountain top.
Temperature Threshold Hours: hours of T <= 32F; 70 <= T <= 85F; T > 95F .

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